Family Physicians’ Electronic Network
October 2nd, 2003

Discussion lists
This link takes you to the page where you can view the discussion lists housed at this site.  Fam-Med was the first of the lists on this site.

AAFP Training Materials
This will take you to training materials used over the years at the American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Meeting.  The two most popular lectures and which have been kept current are an introduction to finding information on the Internet and a materials on making sense of the different ways to connect to a network and to the Internet.  Older materials can be found here as well.

Internet Training Materials
We have been providing Internet training to physicians for a number of years.  Here you will find a variety of training materials and the handouts that were provided during these lectures.  There are materials on web training as well as beginning and advanced e-mail skills.

Who we are
Will take you to a page which will tell you about the Family Physicians' Electronic Network.

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